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Thursday, 13 November 2014

From Minutes To Moments : Quick & Soft Gulab Jamuns :-)




If eating were a dream where calories didn't count and sugar was the hero,we would enjoy loads of Gulab Jamuns frequently.JThere is nothing resistible about these round,plum-like milk dumplings,saturated with a cardamom and rose infused syrup. One bite and you know what magic a perfectly sticky and syrupy sweet can make.JBe it a cherished occasion or a grand celebration,these dreamy good treats make their way to almost every Indian feast.
We heart these little treasures,love savoring them...more so cause this recipe doesn't make you notoriously wait for hours or even overnight before the dumplings get saturated with syrup.J Yes,the recipe we share today is our go to method for enjoying an instant treat of jamuns.Since the soaking time is as less as 15 get to have your jamuns and eat them too.So, it is always minutes of soaking for moments of pleasure....Enjoy!J

Serves : Makes 12-14 medium Gulab Jamuns

Ingredients Required : (We used a 200 ml cup for measuring water,sugar and milk powder)

For the sugar syrup,

1 + 1/2 cups sugar

1 cup water

4 green cardamoms, crushed whole

1 teaspoon edible rose water (optional)

For Gulab Jamuns,

1 cup sweetened milk powder (use sweetened variety only)

1/4 teaspoon baking soda (not more)

1 teaspoon ghee (clarified butter,at room temperature)

1/2 tablespoon all purpose flour (maida)

1 tablespoon cornstarch (cornflour)

2.5 to 3 tablespoons of hot sugar syrup (as prepared in the given recipe)

Odorless cooking oil for frying the jamuns

Process : Start by making the sugar syrup cause it will be used to make the dough for Gulab Jamuns.

For making sugar syrup,

Take a large enough pan to hold sugar,water and still have enough space left.Add water and sugar to it....then place it over medium-high heat. Use a long cooking spoon and constantly stir contents of pan for about 3 minutes or till sugar dissolves completely in water.This is very important to prevent crystallization of sugar later.When sugar is constantly stirred in water over dissolves completely for giving a perfect syrup.

                                           sugar and water for syrup
                                           stirred constantly & added cardamoms

After sugar dissolves..add crushed cardamoms and rose water into syrup,stir once.Then,turn heat to high and let syrup boil for another 4-5 minutes while you stir the syrup occasionally.Turn off heat and do not over cook the syrup else it thickens too much.You may choose to strain cardamoms out (since their flavor is already infused into the syrup) or choose to do so before serving.

                                           syrup cooked for minutes & turned off
                                           strained cardamoms out of syrup

For making Gulab Jamuns,

Sieve milk powder and baking soda into a large bowl.

                                           sieved milk powder & baking soda

Add ghee and rub it into milk powder-soda mixture till you get an evenly crumbly texture through out the contents.

                                           added ghee
                                           rubbed it till mixture uniformly crumbly

Next, add 2.5 to 3 tablespoons of prepared,hot syrup into contents of bowl.Use a spoon to quickly mix all contents for getting a sticky,roughly mixed dough.Cover and let this rest for 5-6 minutes.

                                           added prepared syrup
                                           mixed contents with a spoon
                                           let dough rest for 5-6 minutes

Thereafter,knead the dough (which by then would have firmed up slightly and still be easily pliable) lightly.Then sprinkle corn starch and all purpose flour into it and dust your hands well with some corn starch.Knead the flours into dough till well incorporated.

                                           sprinkled flours on lightly kneaded dough
                                           kneaded well into an uniform dough

Next,divide this dough into 12 small,equal sized portions.Use your palms to lightly press and roll each portion into a smooth,crack-free ball (around 1 cm in diameter).Gulab jamun dough is best rolled into small balls as they get bigger when fried and soaked in syrup.

                                           divided dough into equal sized portions
                                           pressed and rolled into crack-free balls

For frying jamuns in oil,

Pour enough oil into a skillet/wok to cover dough balls completely.Heat oil over medium heat for about 3-4 minutes or till heated but not smoking hot.Then,turn heat to medium-low and gently drop a few dough balls into hot oil.Please work in batches and fry a few dough balls without over crowding skillet.

                                           frying a few dough balls over low heat

Gradually the dough balls increase in size and start browning slightly on the edges.Then they rise into the surface of oil automatically.However if they start browning but don't seem to rise....use a slotted spoon and gently release them from skillet surface.

                                           browning edges of balls
                                           risen to the surface of oil

Flip and continue frying balls till golden brown on all sides.Use a slotted spoon and strain cooked balls out of oil.....gently drop them into warm syrup(prepared earlier).Do not over brown the balls as they turn a shade darker after soaking syrup.

                                           fried till equally browned on all sides
                                           added into warm,prepared syrup

Use a large enough pan to soak jamuns in syrup as they increase in size thereafter. After 15 minutes....gently spoon jamuns out of syrup and enjoy(may be with ice cream for an unforgettable treat).


A From The Blogger’s Keyboard

ü Measures play an important role in this dish so take care to use the right amount of ingredients.

ü Use sweetened milk powder only….unsweetened variety gives different results.

ü Stir constantly while dissolving sugar in water completely for preventing crystallization of sugar ….then stir occasionally as the syrup cooks for a few minutes.

ü Be careful not to over boil the syrup…this ensures the jamuns soak it up well.

ü You may strain crushed cardamom pods out immediately or just before serving jamuns.

ü Rub ghee into milk powder-soda mixture well for right results.

ü Use hot syrup to mix contents and use a spoon for ease.

ü Though the roughly formed dough is sticky….it gets slightly firm and pliable after resting for 5-6 minutes.

ü Sprinkle corn starch and flour evenly on it….knead into an uniform dough.

ü Use corn starch dusted palms for kneading and rolling dough into balls…this prevents dough from sticking into palms.

ü Divide dough into small and equal sized portions for getting evenly cooked,equal sized dumplings.

ü Roll each portion into well formed,crack-free balls before frying.

ü Oil is never heated too much while frying jamuns...else they brown outside and don’t cook inside…thus don’t soak up syrup completely.

ü Fry jamuns…a few at a time…over medium-low heat for ease & thoroughly cooking them.

ü Usually,the dough balls rise to the surface of oil automatically after browning on the edges. If not,gently release them from the surface of skillet with the help of a slotted spoon.

ü Flip balls once and cook till evenly golden brown on all sides.

ü Strain balls out of oil and gently drop them into warm prepared sugar syrup.

ü Be gentle while removing jamuns out of syrup while serving.They get completely saturated within 15 minutes of soaking.

Happy Cooking & Have A Sweet Day!!! J

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